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Next Generation, AR Virtual Try On

Online Shopping Will Never Be the Same

Online shoppers are more than three times as likely to return an item of apparel purchased online vs. in stores. The main reason for returns being incorrect fit. This is what inspired VirtuFIT, by Maze AR. Using industry leading augmented reality and deep learning, our patent pending process provides a one-of-a-kind virtual fitting experience. Allowing online shoppers to gauge an accurate fit of apparel in real-time, through their mobile device. Find out more HERE.

AR Virtual Try On

Virtual Try On Built For The Future of Online Shopping

VirtuFIT Features

Seamless Integration

With only a few clicks on our website and a few lines of code, you can easily integrate virtuFIT into your online shop.


Our industry leading accuracy in AR rendering gives us a strong competitive advantage over existing solutions.

Data Privacy

We believe strongly that user data belongs with the user. Keeping user data private and secure is our utmost priority.

Detailed Analytics

Understanding how consumers interact with retailer products can give new insights into purchasing decisions.

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...Enabling real-time VTO!