If you want to learn more about us, you're in the right place. Read to learn how we managed to grow our business so fast.

Why Maze AR?

Increase Sales

By providing a live and interactive experience with apparel, customers are far more likely to purchase a product and increase cart size.

Decrease Returns

41% of returned items are due to improper fit. By educating consumers on the fit of the garment, our product can substantially decrease returns, boosting retailer profit and customer satisfaction.

Customer Loyalty

Make your customers eager to shop again. 30% of consumers mentioned they would not shop at another store if they could accurately get their fit using AR.

Drive Engagement

Enhanced consumer-product interaction has been proven to drive higher engagement on retailer websites and mobile apps, increasing likelihood of purchase.

Brand Equity

Give people something to talk about! Embracing new technologies that enhance the user experience will give shoppers a reason to share their positive experiences.

Improve E-Commerce

The future is now. Embracing AR technology can solve some of the largest inefficiencies in e-commerce. These improvements will also have a positive impact on the environment.

Who We Are

We are a team of young entrepreneurs with a vision of changing the way consumers shop online. Our team has years of experience developing AR solutions to make virtual items come to life.​

What We Do

Our purpose is to provide e-commerce businesses a practical and beautiful solution that harnesses the true potential of AR technology. Our virtual try-on solution allows users to interact with products in real-time, gaining valuable information on fit, style, and look. This allows brands to drive higher customer engagement, increasing sales while decreasing the frequency of returns.​

Augmented Reality Meets Fashion

Our goal is simple, we want to bring AR technology to online fashion retailers. In an area that only limited businesses have resources to such technologies, we make it accessible to all.